Top 10 Best Neckband Headphones in India (Updated List)

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Are you a music lover who wants to find the best budget-friendly neckband headphones then don’t worry in this comprehensive guide we’ve added the Top 10 Best Neckband Headphones in India.

In this digital era, from children to adults, all generations are addicted to music including me, and feel the best listening experience along with style so Neckband headphones are one of the best options for that.

Typically, in the past 3 – 4 years Neckband Headphones have gained significantly huge popularity for their style and are easy to manage whether you will using it for running or normal regular usage for music listening.

However, we’ve researched and found some amazing and best sound-quality headphones that can enhance your music listening experience with style, so let’s discuss them one by one.

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Points to Consider While choosing the Best Neckband Headphone

There are several factors or points you’ll consider while choosing the best neckband headphones for yourself including the sound quality, battery quality, and build quality as a wireless headphone it is also recommended to the check Bluetooth version.

But finding a perfect combination in the vast amount of headphones available in the market and considering all of these points can be a little bit tough, so we’ve properly researched and analyzed the top Neckband Headphones so you don’t have to be confused while finding the best one.

Have a glance at the factors you’ll need to consider below:

1. Sound Quality

One of the most important points while choosing the best headphones is to find the quality of its sound as a well-balanced sound must have enough bass and perfect clear audio delivery.

Although, everyone has their own way of listening to music some people don’t prefer a deep bass all they just need a clear and comfortable sound and its opposite some are prefer a clear audio with high bass.

This list has been prepared keeping all these factors in mind.

2. Battery Life

As Neckband Headphones are wireless a good amount of battery life is necessary for enjoying a non-stop long hour of music delivery. Along with the best sound quality you’ll also need to check for a better and bigger battery life.

A longer battery life for your neckband headphones will be more convenient and it will also reduce the charging frequency.

3. Comfortable and Fit

Neckband Headphones should be comfortable and properly fit to wear for extended periods during running, walking, or Gym workouts.

4. Connectivity

As I mentioned earlier, neckband headphones come with wireless technology such as Bluetooth, and having proper connectivity helps you seamless experience. However, ensure that the headphone comes with the latest Bluetooth version and are also fully compatible with your device.

5. Controls and Features

Nowadays, almost every neckband headphones come with additional features like noise cancellation, voice assistant’s customizable EQ settings, and dual device pairing.

So look for headphones with these convenient controls along with some others including adjusting volumes, changing songs, and answering and rejecting calls.

6. Water and Sweat Resistance

While checking other major factors make sure the headphone you look for has water and sweat resistance as it can help you during the monsoon seasons running or during workouts in the gym.

7. Noise Cancellation Feature

Noise Cancellation feature is also required for a better listening and calling experience as an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) helps to block external sounds.

8. Design and Build Quality

However, you’ll need to make sure that the headphones you are looking for have durable materials and the design must be unique and also match your personality so can it withstand regular usage.

9. Brand Value and Reputation

There are several brands that are offering neckband headphones in a minimal price range but it is always recommended that whenever you purchase any tech gadgets including headphones must check its brand reputation in the market.

As reputable brands, they often try to give users the best quality products in an affordable price range and we can easily trust any reputable and renowned brand headphones without much thinking about the product. 

Top 10 Best Neckband Headphones in India – Overview

We have discussed multiple essential key factors you’ll need to make sure while purchasing the perfect and Best Neckband Bluetooth Headphones in India. Whatsoever, let’s explore all of these best neckband headphones under 2000 INR.

OnePlus Bullets Z2

AI Noise Cancellation

Realme Buds Wireless 3
Realme Buds Wireless 3

30dB Active Noise Cancellation

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+
boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+

ASAP Fast Charing Support

boAt Rockerz 330ANC
boAt Rockerz 330ANC

25dB ANC Supported

Sony WI-XB400
Sony WI-XB400

Extra Bass with high quality audio

realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo
realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo

Multi-Device Pairing with IPX4 Water Resistance

OPPO Enco M32
OPPO Enco M32

Dual-Device Pairing with
Magnetic Power Control

JBL Tune 215BT
JBL Tune 215BT

16 Hours of Long Battery Life

Redmi Sonic BASS Wireless
Redmi Sonic BASS Wireless

Dual ENC Mic Supported

CrossBeats Shuffl Neckband Bluetooth Wireless Earphone
CrossBeats Shuffl Neckband

72 Hours of Long Battery, EchoBlast Technology, Inbuilt Subwoofer

Best Neckband Bluetooth Headphones in India 2023

OnePlus Bullets Z2

OnePlus provide a highly clear crystal audio quality with AI Noise Cancellation Feature.

OnePlus Bullets Z2 is our first choice in the list of the Top 10 Best Neckband Headphones in India. As you all know, OnePlus is among the most reputable and popular tech companies offering amazing technical peripherals like Mobile, Headphones, Earbuds, and many more things.

When we see this name on a product, we instil a belief and trust that the product is safe and its overall quality is going to be next-level because this brand is already famous in the market for its quality.

Whatsoever, now let’s talk about this specific neckband Bluetooth headphone by OnePlus. I am very obsessed with its sound quality and design as the OnePlus Bullets Z2 provides loud clear-crystal audio with soft bass making it the most valuable and excellent neckband in this price segment.  

With the IP55 rating, these earbuds are highly water and sweat-resistant making them an ideal choice for everyone who wants to use these headphones while working out and running.

OnePlus Bullets Z2 provides a huge battery capacity of 30 hours and also supports fast charging technology where you can listen to 20 long hours of seamless music with just 10 minutes of charging it.

This headphone comes with AI Noise Cancellation feature for a crystal clear voice audio experience. For long hours of the music session, OnePlus make sure that the headphone gives maximum comfort to users with their silicone material and ergonomically curved design.

Moreover, Bullets Z2 comes with Anti-distortion audio technology which ensures your audio playtime much smoother and better even at the high volume.

In the box you’ll get three pairs of different sized ear cups and Type-C Charging cable with some safety and warranty cards.

One disadvantage comes with the neckband which is minimal bass which is not going to be very good for highly deep bass lovers and I also felt the bass quality is normal not highly but a smooth.

Overall, OnePlus Bullets Z2 is a fully-featured packed and affordable one of the best neckband Bluetooth headphone under 2000 INR.


  • IP55 Water and Sweat Resistance
  • Supports Fast Charging
  • Huge Battery Capacity of 30 Hours non-stop playback
  • Anti-Distortion Audio Technology
  • AI Noise Cancellation Feature


  • Bass is normal
  • No Dual Pairing Support
  • No ANC

Realme Buds Wireless 3

Realme offers 360° spatial audio effects with long battery backup.

Realme Buds Wireless 3 from Relame brand could be another great option for music enthusiasts who are looking for the best budget-friendly affordable Bluetooth neckband headphones.

This neckband provides an outstanding highly optimized sound quality with 13.6mm dynamic bass drivers and also a good battery life for long hours of music listening or gaming.

Realme Buds Wireless 3 is a rich feature-packed Bluetooth headphone that offers some amazing and unique features. However, the headphones look premium, lightweight, stylish, and very comfortable for wearing all day long.

It offers 360° spatial audio effects for a theatre-like seamless audio experience, in fact, the sound quality of Realme Buds Wireless 3 impressed me a lot whether it is deep bass or crystal clear audio without any distortion. 

One notable feature that has attracted me to the neckband is its dual-device connection support which can be a very impactful feature while watching anything on your tablet or receiving calls on your mobile.  

Furthermore, Realme Buds Wireless 3 has come up with IP55 ratings, making it effective in Dust, and Water without worrying about damage you can now use it during a workout session or in light rainy conditions.

Nowadays, almost every youth is addicted to gaming and therefore if they got a Bluetooth neckband with ultra-low latency of gaming mode along with seamless high-quality audio delivery then what could be better for them?

So taking care of this point Realme provides 45mm super low latency for achieving a fast and responsive gaming experience for users.

The company claims a long battery backup of up to 45 hours with 25 hours of playback time and 20 hours of calling time on a single charge, however, in reality, you’ll get around 12 – 15 hours of music playback and around 8 hours of calling.

If you’re looking for the best neckband headphone with ANC then it can be a great option as Relame Buds Wireless 3 comes with a 30Db Active Noise Cancellation feature which helps you to experience better audio even when you’re in a noise-filled environment.

Typically, the neckband is very comfortable thanks to its silicon earbuds which are very soft and also fit snugly in the ears without any disturbance.

Overall if we look at this product’s features at a glance I feel the sound quality is very good with balancing bass, trebles, and vocals crystal clear although there are many other features Realme offers in this neckband such as Dolby Atmos, inbuilt equalizer (with app) and volume enhancer.


  • 30dB Active Noise Cancellation Feature
  • Big Batter Backup up to 45 Hours
  • IP55 Water & Dust Resistance
  • Dual Device Pairing Support
  • 360° spatial audio
  • 45MM Super Low Latency Gaming Mode


  • Some feature not properly worked
  • Noise Isolation Not As good as Expected
  • Connectivity is Average

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+

40 hours of long playback with ASAP Fast Charging Support

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ is one of my favourite Bluetooth headphones in the list of the Top 10 Best Neckband Headphones in India under this price range of under 2000 INR.

The boAt is an Indian company best known for its affordable and high-quality stylish audio products including neckband headphones and over a few years the brand has acquired a larger space of the Indian audio market.

With the boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ you’ll get a high-quality crystal clear seamless audio experience with a deep bass as you know the company is best known for its sound and bass quality and this time too there was no compromise in this neckband.  

This neckband headphone comes with a giant battery backup of around 40 hours of long music playtime including voice and video calls together. The company provides an ASAP charge feature while charging for 10 minutes you can enjoy up to 10 hours of audio playback.

However, to improve the overall sound quality they use the boAt signature sound feature in their boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ with supporting dual device pairing at the same time.

Typically, the IPX7 rating makes it sweat and water-resistant for protecting your neckband during gym workouts or running environments.  

The Rockerz 255 Pro+ Bluetooth neckband is equipped with a smart control button for easy access to multiple features such as Volume increase, decrease, and one-touch voice assistance support. The glossy finish of magnetic earbuds delivers an outstanding listening experience over a long period.

In my experience, at a maximum volume, the bass and vocals are syncing smoothly but overall the audio is very loud and clear. I am a little bit upset with its Microphone audio quality as it could have been of a better quality but it is a minor issue that can’t impact badly in your overall music playback experience.

The design of Rockerz 255 Pro+ is very premium and comfortable as the ear cups are made of very soft silicon material and it is very lightweight to wear all day long without feeling pain in the ears.

Multiple features are equipped with this neckband but we only discuss briefly some of the best and notable among them.

Finally, the overall performance of boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ is just next level whether its sound quality, design, and comfortless all of which together made this Bluetooth neckband a great budget-friendly affordable and excellent product at this price range.


  • High-Quality Sound and Deep Bass
  • 40 Hours of Long Lasting Battery Backup
  • IPX7 Water & Sweat Resistance
  • Look Stylish and Premium
  • One-Touch Voice Assistance
  • ASAP Fast Charing Feature


  • Poor Microphone Quality
  • Dual Connectivity Needs Improvement
  • Overall Performance Could have been better

boAt Rockerz 330ANC

boAt offers 25dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature.

We’ve another best Bluetooth headphone with ANC from the boAt company which is the boAt Rockerz 330ANC. Just like boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ it has also some similar kind of features but the major change in it is the design part.

With Crystal Bionic Sound feature powered by Dirac Opteo Rockerz 330ANC delivers an outstanding seamless high-quality audio performance, however, you can activate it by double pressing the multi-function button.

The company promises that the neckband gives around 24 hours of total playback and ASAP charging support while a minimum of 10 minutes of charging can extend its playback to around 5 hours. 

However, the headphone offers a 25dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature which can enhance your music streaming experience far better without any interruption. The company also included Enx Technology in the Rockerz 330ANC for crystal-clear voice calls.

When it comes to water and sweat protection the neckband comes with an IPX4 rating which helps your headphone from unnecessary damage.

The integrated control button helps you to manage multiple functions including changing the volume level, taking phone calls, and activating Crystal Bionic Sound with an inbuilt ANC button.

Moreover, the latest Bluetooth version of 5.2 enhances connectivity and within a few seconds it can quickly connect with your Smartphone or tablet.

If we talk about the design and build quality then the boAt Rockerz 330ANC headphones are made up of a combination of matte and glossy silicon with soft ear canals along with stunning magnetic buds.

The neckband headphone’s overall performance whether it’s Crystal Bionic sound quality, Noise Cancellation, and a long battery backup, makes it a great choice for anyone who is seeking the best neckband headphones with ANC.


  • 25dB ANC Supported
  • IPX4 Rating Included
  • Crystal Bionic Sound Feature
  • 24 Hours of Battery Backup
  • Quick Connectivity with Bluetooth V5.2
  • ASAP Fast Charging Support


  • Microphone Quality Average
  • ANC also Needs Improvement
  • Decent Looks

Sony WI-XB400

Sony provide extra deep bass with high quality crystal clear audio

I think there is no introduction needed after seeing the Sony brand on a product. Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronic products including Smartphones, cameras, and audio equipment.

The Sony Wl-XB400 is an outstanding neckband Bluetooth headphone that provides an excellent high–quality sound along with extra deep bass, which enhances your overall music listening experience.

Altogether, I am very impressed with its sound quality and the minimalistic design that looks so premium also it is very portable & flexible which makes it more comfortable while listening to music or watching your favourite series on Amazon Prime.

However, for experiencing a long hour of break-free music session Sony offers a huge battery backup of up to 15 hours of non-stop playback time with a single charge. And Wl-XB400 also includes a fast charging setup where you can get up to 60 minutes of battery backup just putting in 10 minutes of quick charging.

The neckband can be a popular and smart choice for those who are seeking a pair of decent wireless Bluetooth headphones with outstanding bass and sound quality along with sports and outdoor activities.

The Sony Wl-XB400 is very comfortable and so handy to carry even you can wear it while playing most sports or even while working out in gym sessions. Furthermore, behind the neck design feels very lightweight and keeps your headphones out of the way.

Even the neckband can be a good traveling companion as it offers low weight and comfort for wearing for a long period along with a big battery backup.

The hands-free calling feature lets you instantly ready to get the conversation started and you can simply achieve it through touching the multi-function button.

Moreover, some points disappointed me with this headphone including the noise isolation feature is not as good as expected Sony to deliver and the Mic quality could have been better.

The Sony Wl-XB400’s overall performance is very good in terms of sound delivering and as all the other things are fairly balanced this headphone makes it one of the most elegant and affordable neckbands in this price segment. 


  • Reputable and Popular Brand Name
  • Audio Quality is outstanding
  • Portable and Flexible design for easy carrying
  • Extra Bass


  • Poor Nosie Isolation
  • Mic quality could have been improved
  • Compatibility issue with Sony’s Connect App
  • Sweat or water resistance feature Not included

realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo

Multi-Device Pairing with IPX4 Water Resistance support.

We’ve added another neckband headphone from the Realme brand, Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo. Interestingly, it is a budget-friendly featured-packed neckband from a reputable and popular brand.

The neckband provides 11.2mm larger drivers for rich and dynamic bass to deliver an immersive surround sound experience throughout the ears.

Although there was no doubt left about the sound quality Realme established its name in the market by offering outstanding and high-performing products. The Buds Wireless 2 Neo neckband’s audio quality is very good and deep and punchy bass making it an ideal choice for every music enthusiast.

For a better non-stop music streaming experience the neckband headphone’s battery capacity must be enough to satisfy the users. Keeping all these things in mind Realme offers an immersive massive battery backup of up to 17 hours of playback (at 50% Volume) along with voice and video calls.

The design and build quality are slightly different from the Realme Buds series other neckbands including Buds Wireless 3 and Buds Wireless 2S.

I am very impressed to see some amazing features that Realme provides in its Buds Wireless 2 Neo neckband in this price range and there are multiple headphones available on the market with the same price and even more but can’t include so many features.

Notable among them are Multi-device sharing and Environment Noise Cancellation feature (ENC) for experiencing crystal clear audio calls without worrying about the outside noise.

Furthermore, Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo comes with IPX4 water resistance making it affordable and durable even if you wear it in light rainy conditions or during workouts. 

You can also customize some other features including turning on gaming mode, controlling EQ settings, and switching between other functions on the Realme Link App. 

Whatsoever, I am little bit disappointed with the connectivity and gaming mode latency as it offers 88ms low latency which is very delay and could have been better.

The Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo’s overall performance whether its sound quality, build quality, or even the battery backup of all of these things Realme maintains a good balance.


  • Multi-Device Pairing Support
  • IPX4 Water Resistance
  • Environment Noise Cancellation Feature (ENC)
  • 17 Hours of Long Battery Life
  • Lightweight & comfortable to wear


  • Connectivity Average
  • 88ms Low Latency

OPPO Enco M32

Oppo Enco M32 neckband supported dual pairing with 28 hours of long battery life.

Oppo Enco M32 is a fully packed rich feature that includes one of the best neckband Bluetooth headphones in India under this price segment.

The design is all about feeling comfort and ease of use with simple and subtle styling that speaks about its beauty. The shiny coating on the outside of the Oppo Enco M32 earbuds and the silver magnet area reflect light looks very pretty and amazing.

Like most of the other neckband headphones, Oppo also included some excellent features and functions in its Enco M32, and notable among them is a huge battery backup and fast charging support.

As I mentioned, I am very impressed by Oppo’s battery backup and fast charging because they claim that you can experience 20 hours of music playback with just 10 minutes of charging and on a single charge it can be extended up to 28 hours.

When we specifically talk about sound quality undoubtedly Oppo offers a high-quality audio function with 10mm large drivers with TPU+PET composite titanium-plated diaphragm which enhances your music listening experience with great bass.

As with most of the headsets in this price range, the neckband is very flexible and can be bent significantly without the risk of breaking and snapping.

However, Oppo Enco M32 comes with Dual-Device Fast switching features that are very important when you have to use the two devices simultaneously.

Thanks to the IP55 rating the neckband is dust and water-resistant for a seamless audio experience anytime anywhere.

The rubber coating canal fit makes the neckband more comfortable to wear all day long without feeling pain or any type of distortion. The Oppo Enco M32 is quite loud and the sound quality and voice call performance also do their job very well even in outdoor conditions.

I felt at the full volume some genres are losing clarity and the base is overwhelming at the maximum volume above 80%, but it is a minor issue that can be ignorable while looking at this price tag.

Therefore, I think the call quality and Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC) could have been better as it has no inbuilt ANC support with the neckband as a result the outdoor call quality is not good if you’re in a loud environment.

Overall, the performance of this wireless neckband is quite good and it justifies the price.  


  • Excellent Audio Output
  • IP55 Dust and Water-Resistance
  • 28 Hours of long battery backup
  • Fast Charging Suppport
  • Dual-Device Pairing Support
  • Magnetic Power Control


  • Outdoor Calling is Poor
  • Overwhelming bass at High volume
  • No ANC Support

JBL Tune 215BT

Get a high-quality audio performance along with deep bass with JBL Tune. 215BT

Seeing the JBL name on a product, I don’t think that there are any more introductions needed to justify or judge the product’s quality. We all know that JBL is one of the most premium and leading companies over 70 they produce the best high-quality sounding audio equipment on the market.

JBL Tune 215BT is a low-budget and high-performing wireless neckband headphone from the JBL brand. I am very impressed and obsessed with its deep and powerful bass with detailed audio quality.

The big 12.5mm dynamic drivers are ergonomically designed to comfortably fit earbuds in the ear and also deliver balanced sound without artificially enhanced bass and volume.

However, JBL promises that its Tune 125BT wireless neckband offers 16 hours of long battery backup on a single charge with quick charging support where 10 minutes of charging provides 1 hour of non-stop seamless music experience. 

The neckband is also very lightweight, tangle-free, and flexible enough to wear in any condition even if you’re running or working out in the gym.

The pristine audio helps you to feel an undistorted sound experience no matter whether it’s calling or listening to your favourite tracks. JBL Tune 215BT’s overall performance in terms of providing dazzles-free sound quality then I think it beats all of the other neckband headphones in this list.

With the multi-point connectivity, you can enjoy a seamless music experience between switching two devices simultaneously.

Stereo Mic offers crystal clear audio calling without dropping the sound clarity even outdoors.  

Although all of these key points of this wireless neckband are very good I’m very upset with its earbuds design as there is no rubber coating for comfort and also it is a little bit bigger as a result it does not properly fit for everyone and might be also hurting when wearing a long period.

The design and build quality could have been improved. Thus, JBL Tune 215BT is a preferable option for those who are bass lovers.


  • High-quality Audio Output with 12.5mm Dynamic Drivers
  • 16 Hours of Long Battery Life
  • Quick Charging Support
  • Lightweight and Tangle-free design


  • Does Not Fit Snugly in the Ear
  • Mic Quality is Poor
  • Option falling Down from Ears

Redmi Sonic BASS Wireless

Redmi Sonic Bass Wireless Headphone provide inbuilt ENC Feature.

Redmi Sonic Bass Wireless is a fully featured-packed Neckband headphone with some outstanding features.

The left side of the neckband has the Redmi Logo while the right side has the power and volume buttons along with an indicator light and USB charging port.

The design and build quality is also simple and minimalistic and according to me the quality is not as good as we expect from Redmi.

However, if I specifically talked about the overall sound quality then I would better say that this time Redmi does not satisfy me with its Sonic Bass Wireless headset the audio quality is also like normal headphones.

The overall bass is a little bumpy and it also makes distortion in everything including the music and calling I heard through the Sonic Bass earbud.

Moreover, its dual Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC) mic attracted me to this Bluetooth headphone, although the overall performance could have been better.

You’ll get your instant virtual voice assistant (Google and Alexa) to manage your work and schedules and even also provide instant access to music, news, or anything you want to hear.

The Redmi promises that in its Sonic Bass Wireless headphones, you’ll get fast charging support while charging for 10 minutes can give you around 2.23 hours of seamless music playback.

The neckband comes with IPX5 water resistance along with dual-device pairing support.

In my opinion, it is a good headset, and it could be better at solving the issues we’ve already discussed but overall Redmi Sonic Bass Wireless fulfills the basic requirements in this price tag.

With some minor drawbacks, this pair of wireless neckbands is a fully functional headphone with a good battery life and value for money.  


  • Dual ENC Mic Supported
  • IPX5 Rating Water Resistance
  • Massive Battery Life with fast charging Support
  • Dual Device Connectivity
  • Sound and Quality is Quite Good


  • Average Design and Feel
  • Mic Quality is Poor
  • Missing Charging Cable on the box
  • Connectivity Needs Improvement

CrossBeats Shuffl Neckband

CrossBeats Using EchoBlast Technology to improve overall performance.

In our list of the Top 10 Best Neckband Headphones in India Cross Beats Shuffl Neckband Bluetooth Wireless Earphone is the last and one of my favourite from this list. 

It is one of the best and most rich-featured packed wireless headphones with multiple unique features included.

The design and build quality of the Cross Beats Shuffl neckband is handy, lightweight, and comfortable to wear all day long without feeling any pain in the ears.

Both sides of the earbuds have the CrossBeats logo while the left side of the neckband has a functioning control button to adjust the playback settings including active voice assistant and receiving calls.  

The most important thing about this neckband is the massive battery life the company offers in its wireless headphones. They claim about 72 hours of non-stop music playback on a single charge along with SnapCharge™ fast charging support.

However, you can enjoy 12 hours of long uninterrupted music experience with just 10 minutes of charging your neckband headphones.

Cross Beats uses EchoBlast Technology to improve the overall sound quality and even first time in this segment they include a built-in Subwoofer in its CrossBeats Shuffl Neckband wireless headphones.

With the IPX5 rating, your headphone is protected from light and rainy conditions. The company also provides a dedicated gaming mode with 40ms of low latency which can significantly improve your overall gaming experience without delays.   

The inbuilt ENC mode helps you to get crystal clear communication without any disturbance with the Hall Switch enabling instant pairing.

To give the maximum comfort and safety CrossBeats Shuffle includes an anti-bacterial form of ear tips with a shark fin hook to provide extra support or grip in the ear while running or workouts. 

There are several features that Shuffl includes and we’ve discussed a small amount of them.

Thus, in my opinion, CrossBeats Shuffl Neckband is one of the best and most affordable headphones in the segment and I would highly recommend it to everyone who is seeking the best neckband headphones with a mic under the 2000 INR price range.


  • Tangle-free and Lightweight design
  • 72 Hours of Long Battery Life
  • Dedicated Gaming mode with 40MS low latency
  • Inbuilt ENC Supported
  • Inbuilt Subwoofer
  • IPX5 Rating Water Resistance
  • High Quality Audio Output with EchoBlast Technology
  • Hall Switch enable Instant Pairing


  • Not ANC Support

Final Thought

In this digital era of technology, millions of headphones are available in the market, and choosing the perfect and ideal neckband headphones among them can be challenging. 

But with the help of our list of the Top 10 Best Neckband Headphones in India under 2000 you can select your perfect neckband headphones according to your requirements.

We’ve listed India’s top 10 neckband headphones by looking at their overall performance whether it’s high-quality sound output, design and build quality, unique features like ANC & ENC or Dual Device Pairing, or battery backup.

From JBL to Sony we’ve included the world’s most popular brands of neckband headphones in a minimal or low budget. I hope you’ll surely find your ideal neckband headphones after reading this article. 


Q: – Which neckband is best in India?

There are several great neckband headphones available in India, but some of them gained significant popularity in the past few years in terms of sound quality, design and build, and some other extra features like dual pairing support and dedicated gaming mode including, boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+, Sony WI-XB400, Realme Buds Wireless 2S, and most popular OnePlus Bullets Z2.

Q: – Which is the No 1 wireless headphone brand in India?

While considering customer requirements, popularity and market share deciding on the No. 1 wireless headphones brand in India can be a challenging task but based on recent market research and consumer reviews there are the top 3 leading wireless headset companies we list including Sony, boAt and OnePlus.

Q: – Which neckband is best BoAt or OnePlus?

OnePlus and boAt neckband brand both has acquired a large space in the wireless headphone category in India and also they offer a wide range of great features in budget range and affordable price. But choosing the best one is totally up to the consumer preferences.

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