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If you’re a music enthusiast then you probably heard about Spotify which is one of the biggest online music streaming platforms and offers a massive collection of songs, albums, and podcasts across the world.

There are some third-party websites including Spotify Pie and Spotify Color Palette provide users with a unique and impressive data chart by analyzing their Spotify listening history.

So, in this article, we are going to unveil the delicious Spotify Pie Chart and also discuss how to create customizable Pie Chart and its features. 

What is Spotify Pie Chart?

Spotify Pie is a third-party website created by Darren Haung that offers users a colourful pie chart of top songs, genres, and artists via analyzing Spotify music listening habits.

Currently, the Spotify Pie Chart gained tremendous popularity from all over the world with its innovative and impressive idea which makes people curious to know what they have been listening to the previous month.

However, it is one of the best tools like Judge My Spotify to showcase your musical taste and listening habits with your friends and also you can share it on social media to gain appreciation.

How Does Spotify Pie Work?

Nowadays, people are more attracted to different types of approaches and uniqueness to make their own worth and presence all over the internet.

Some of the specific websites can also called Spotify Extensions made by third-party organizations or individuals, which offer every Spotify user a completely different scenario of experiencing music.

How does Spotify Pie Chart Works

However, Spotify Pie is also doing the same thing to create a delightful sliced pie chart data of your past month’s Spotify listening data. This tool needs your permission to work with the Spotify platform as a result it gives an awesome pie chart of your musical habits.

Typically, the Spotify Pie Chart tool works with integrated API which pulls out your data from the Spotify servers then analyzes the data and makes beautiful pie charts with the information.

How to create Spotify Pie Chart?

Let’s see how you can create your Pie chart from any of your devices like Android Mobile, ios, Desktop and PC. Here’s a comprehensive guide you can follow to figure out your monthly musical preferences through this amazing unique tool.

Here, is what you need to do to get your first Pie Chart:

Spotify pie
  • Therefore, you’ll see a button “LOGIN TO SPOTIFY” clicks on it.
How to create Spotify Pie Chart?
  • Now this tool requires your permission to retrieve your data from the Spotify platform, just tap on the “Agree” button below.
How to create Spotify Pie Chart?
  • Done! Once you click on the Agree Button there is a screen appears in front of you with delicious slice of the pie charts of your listening data.

Cautions: – Spotify Pie is a third-party blending tool website that needs permission to access your Spotify history data in terms of creating a beautiful slice of the pie chart the output, although it is not endorsed by Spotify.

Unveil The Spotify Pie Chart Generator Features

Pie Chart tool has a wide range of unique and interesting features that attract people to create their own personalized pie chart of their Spotify musical monthly preferences.

So, let’s a deep dive into the features we get from Huang Darren’s website:

  • Collection of wide range of genres

Darren created Spotify pie website supports wide range collections of music genres including classics.

  • Monthly Updates

One of the most notable aspects of this website is it up-to-date on a monthly basis and the long boring annual wait is over with Spotify Pie chart. You can see your monthly Spotify use data without any interruption.

  • Personalized Feed

Typically, Spotify Pie offers a personalized feed for every individual after analyzing the user’s top listening data such as genres, songs, and artists in a beautiful slice of the pie chart.

  • Social Media Interaction

There is no built-in option to share your pie chart photos on several social media accounts but you can take a screenshot of the pie charts and then share them on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.  

  • Easy To Use Interface

The developer of the Spotify pie chart generator website kept this tool in an easy-to-use manner so that anyone can easily use the tool.

  • Free To Use

Lastly, this website does not require any paid subscriptions to use, it is completely free to use for everyone who has a Spotify account.

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Why Spotify pie chart not loading?

If you’re facing the issue of not loading your Pie chart then don’t worry it is a common problem that most of the Spotify users faced including me.

There are some potentials causes for facing the issue and the common is to your internet connection or you’re not properly integrating your Spotify account with Spotify Pie website.

Spotify Pie chart is not loading

Here are some easy troubleshooting methods you can try to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection.
  • Check if the website servers are down.
  • If there is any account issue related to account suspension or billing then it might not load your pie chart data.
  • Also, ensure that you’re using an updated version of web browsers because this website is only compatible with the latest browsers.
  • It might also happen that the Spotify pie website has gone through some minor updates in its UI or database while it is seen offline or not loading your data on the platform.

Is Spotify Pie Safe to Use?

Basically, this website was created with the help of the GitHub platform, and for those who are not aware of the GitHub repository, it is one of the secure code repositories used by millions of developers.

Although Spotify Pie Chart is a third-party website they do not use your personal details or essential credentials like password or billing address, it simply retrieves your Spotify stats such as listening habits, music interest, and playlists and organizes them into a single pie chart. 

F.A.Q’s || People Also Ask Questions

Q: - Does Apple music support pie chart on Spotify?

Currently, Apple Music does not support Pie Chart it only works for the Spotify platform but in the near future, we can also see it for Apple Music users.

Q: - Is Spotify Pie secure?

Generally speaking, there are no risk factors in the Spotify Pie Chart Generator although it is a third-party website made by a student of the University of California that uses our Spotify stats only for creating the pie chart after analyzing our top listened artists and genres.

Q: - Who made Spotify pie?

Darren Huang a passionate developer and a bright student at the University of California, Los Angeles created the Spotify Pie Chart Generator website in 2022. 

Q: - When does Spotify Pie update?

The Spotify Pie tool website updates its charts on a monthly basis and that means you can see your top genres and artists in every month’s beginning.

Q: - What is Spotify Pie based on?

This third-party website is based on the user’s listening habits for the last month’s musical preferences, after analyzing it generates a delightful pie chart of your Spotify history.

Q: - Is Spotify Pie chart accurate?

The Spotify Pie chart usually generates 70 – 80% accurate data as of my experience but there are some other things that could be reflected in your pie chart. Basically, this platform only takes into your Spotify streaming history data for the last month.

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