How to Fix Spotify Local Files Greyed Out 2023 – A Complete Guide

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If you’re a music enthusiast who wants to listen to your device’s offline songs on the Spotify platform but faces the issue of Spotify Local Files Greyed Out, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, you’ll find some easy steps to solve your problem within a few minutes on your Spotify Applications.

Mainly there are multiple reasons behind this issue such as the format you use on your music albums not being supported, or maybe there is a synchronization problem between your Spotify app and your device.

So, let’s take a closer look at how you could solve this issue on multiple devices.

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Spotify Local Files Greyed Out Problem

Being a Spotify user many people faced the issue once including me and it is a common problem that occurred for some valid reasons.

Whenever you want to sync your local files in this application you need to check some points otherwise you’ll face the Spotify Local Files Greyed Out problem surely.

However, the best thing is you can solve this issue by trying some simple troubleshooting ways.

How to Fix Spotify Local Files Greyed Out

Here are the easy steps for solving Local Files Greyed Out:

1. File Compatibility

Ensure that your local files are compatible with Spotify-supported files such as MP3, MP4, and M4A formats.

Spotify will only support these formats and if your local files are in another format then you’ll face Greyed out problem.

2. Device Compatibility

Make sure that your device and the Spotify app are up-to-date with the latest version, it could be a factor for not playing your local songs on the Spotify app, and the greyed-out problem occurring.

3. File Path and Locations

If you’re faced with the Spotify Local Files Greyed Out issue then it might be the problem with your file path and location where your local songs are stored.

Spotify will only access the files if they are in the right location such as the “Music” folder.

4. Clear Data and Cache

Clearing Spotify data and cache can be solved your greyed-out problem. To clear cache data of your Spotify app, go to the Setting and then find the Application section then scroll down and search for Spotify.

Next, tap on the App details and click on the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” options.

5. Re-install and log in

Still, if you can’t fix the issue then uninstall the Spotify application and log in with your credentials and check if the problem persists or not.  

However, if all the above methods are not worked while fixing your Spotify Local Flies Greyed Out problem then I recommends you to reach out the Spotify’s support team and explain the issue details. May be they are help you to find the exact solution to solve your issue.

How to Fix Spotify Local Files Greyed Out on Phone

As I clearly mentioned earlier, Spotify local files greyed out on phone could occurred for multiple reasons and it is a common problem that Spotify users faced mostly. However, this issue can be solved via adopting some troubleshooting methods.

So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure you’ve a stable and fast internet connection.
How to fix Spotify Local Files Greyed Out on Phone
  • Clear the Spotify app’s Cache and Data.
  • Check the file format and re-import songs to your Spotify local library.
  • Ensure that if you’ve connected your internet via a VPN then check it if it is still valid or not.
How to fix Spotify Local Files Greyed Out on Phone
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app to check if the issue still persist or not.
  • Try to log out and again log in with your Spotify credentials.
How to fix Spotify Local Files Greyed Out on Phone
  • Enable show Local Audio Files on the Spotify’s app settings.

How to Fix Spotify Local Files Greyed Out on iPhone

If you also faced local files greyed out issue on your iPhone device then don’t worry you’re not alone who faced this problem. Basically one of the main reasons behind occurring this issue on iPhone is local file format compatibility.

how to fix spotify local files greyed out on iPhone

Spotify only supports MP3, MP4, and M4P formats and if your local files do not match with Spotify’s format then they are not playable on this platform. However, if your local files do not have a specific file path such as the Music folder then your Spotify app failed to access those files.

So make sure you have Spotify’s format-supported local files and also ensure that you’ve stored your local files in a specific file path or location, so Spotify can access them and import them on their platform for offline availability.

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How to Fix Local Files Greyed Out PC

Just like mobile devices Spotify Local Files Greyed Out issue is also seen on the PC and Desktop version. However, this issue occurred in PC or Desktops for some specific reasons.

Here are some troubleshooting tips and tricks to fix Spotify Local Files Greyed out the issue:

  • Check the internet connection on your PC or Desktop and make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection.
  • Make sure you allow the Spotify app to access your local storage files from your PC.
  • Check if there is any antivirus or firewall that prevents the Spotify app from accessing your local files from your device.
  • Ensure that you have saved your local files in the right path or location, if they are not in the right location as the Music folder then they won’t appear on your Spotify application.

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People Also Ask

There may be multiple reasons why your local files on Spotify greyed out including you’re not using an updated Spotify app, or you haven’t enabled the Show local files settings, another potential cause is the file format of your local files is not supported by Spotify.

To remove your greyed-out songs from local files on Spotify first find the greyed-out songs by going to Library tap on the Spotify app and then select the song you want to delete then click on the delete button.

If you want to enable local files to play on Spotify then first open the Spotify app and then click on the Settings icon in the top right corner then scroll down and find the Local Files option now click on the toggle button to enable.

If you’re facing the issue of Spotify not syncing your files then it may be for a few reasons such as the format of your local files not being supported in the Spotify app, the local files may be corrupt or maybe there is an issue with your network connection. 


Spotify Local Files Greyed Out is a common issue that often occurs when you try to add your local files to the Spotify app. And the frustrating thing is when you can’t find the exact reason for what happened to you.

However, there are multiple possibilities behind occurring this problem including unsupported file format, synchronization issues, device compatibility, networking issue, and many more.

So, we have explained the main issues and their solutions in this article in an easy way so that everybody who faced a greyed-out problem can solve it easily.

I hope all of our methods regarding this topic help you to fix your problem and if you have any other queries about this topic then feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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