[100% Fixed] Spotify Error Code Access Point 22 Issue

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Spotify is one of the most renowned and popular online music streaming platforms, offering a vast music library and a seamless experience for the user. However, just like any software it can also encounter occasional issues and one is “Spotify Error Code Access Point 22.”

This issue can be frustrating and irritating as it prevents you from listening to your favourite music on the Spotify platform.

From the potential causes to their perfect solutions all of these topics are covered in this comprehensive guide, so stay stunned with us to get rid of this problem permanently. 

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What is Spotify Error Code Access Point 22?

Before discussing the possible reasons for this issue let’s know first what is Spotify Error Code Access Point 22 and how it prevents us from listening to music on the Spotify platform.

So, Spotify Error Code 22 is an issue that occasionally occurs on the desktop or PC when anyone tries to log in, no matter whether you’re a Spotify Premium user or free both have experienced this problem.

This issue occurs only with users who using an older version 1.1.59 of the Spotify App on their PC or Desktop, but on the other hand, if the problem persists in your case after updating to the latest version then you’ll need to consider some factors to identify and troubleshoot.

Reasons For Spotify Error Code Access Point 22

As we discussed previously one of the major reasons for facing Spotify Error Code 22 is using an outdated version of the Spotify App but in some scenarios, the causes may be different, so let’s try to understand the possible causes and their cures.

Consider the following points to understand what is the possible issue in your case that you’re experiencing Error Code Access 22 on Spotify.

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How to Fix Spotify Error Code Access Point 22

Spotify error code access point 22

1. Internet Connection

Checking Internet Connections is one of our primary steps to figure out any difficulties in digital products or services and Spotify app is also uses internet to pull out songs or podcast from its servers.

Make sure you’ve a proper and stable fast internet connection while log in to your Spotify account, sometimes this Error Code 22 is also occurred for bad internet connection.

2. Outdated Spotify App

Another major and most important point to check if any application including Spotify is not running or functioning properly that is make sure you’re using a latest version of that specific app, this is a mandatory process everyone should do this when trying to solve any issues.

However, using an outdated version of Spotify application can lead to Errors like Access 22. To fix this issue you can update your Spotify app to a latest version and then check if the problem is still persist or solved.

3. Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility is can be a major possible reason for facing the error code while trying to access Spotify app on the desktop or PC.

Typically, if the device you’re using is not compatible with Spotify app then this issue may be occurred on your screen.  

4. Cache and Cookies

If you’re experiencing Spotify Error Code Access Point 22 then maybe your website cookies are expired or there is a problem with your Spotify app’s cache that prevents you from accessing the content on the Spotify platform.

To troubleshoot these issues you can try logging in to your Spotify account after clearing the cache data.

To clear Cache data and Cookies on your desktop or PC first, open the Spotify app then go to “Edit” >> “Preferences” scroll down and click on the “Clear Cache” option, and next find the ‘Privacy’ section and tap on “Clear Cookies” button.

5. Bug or Glitches

It might be also possible that whenever you try to log in to your Spotify account there are some bugs or glitches that impact the app and as a result, you see the pop-up message “Spotify Error Code: Access Point 22The Spotify Application Could Not Start. Please Try Again”.

6. Reinstall Spotify

If you confused and do not understand what is the actual reason for getting Spotify Error Code 22 on your device then the best practice is to uninstall the Spotify app and then reinstall it to see if anything changes.

7. Firewall Restriction

Firewall Restriction is another possible factor that can lead you to face the access of point 22 issues. Your antivirus or firewall software may block Spotify from accessing the internet as a result it shows us an Access Point 22 error.

To solve this issue, temporarily disable your firewall or antivirus and then check if the issue persists. 

8. Using A VPN

If you’re using a VPN to listen to music or log into your Spotify account then it might cause some trouble, as some countries have restrictions on using some of Spotify’s songs or podcasts.  

So, before accessing your Spotify account make sure you turn off your VPN to get a seamless music experience. 

9. Log out and Log In

Sometimes Logging out and Logging in again can also fix issues, however, you can do it with your Spotify app and then freshly open it and check if the problem still occurs.

10. Restart Desktop or PC

You can also try this simple trick of restarting your Desktop or PC to see if the problem of Spotify Error Code Access Point 22 is fixed or not.

11. Contact Spotify Support

Lastly, if all the above-discussed issues and their fixes are not working in your case and you still experience Error Code 22 then it might be better to contact the Spotify Support team and explain your issue in detail.

How do I fix Spotify login error?

If you’re experiencing a login error on the Spotify app and you want to know how you can fix it then don’t worry it is a common problem that most Spotify users have faced

So, here are some points to be considered while determining the issue.

  • Update the app to the latest version.
  • Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection.
  • Check the login credentials you entered the correct one.
  • Restart your device.
  • Clear the Spotify Cache Data and Cookies.
  • Reinstall the Spotify App.
  • Contact Spotify Support.

Wrapping Up

Spotify Error Code Access Point 22 is a frustrating issue to be experienced as a Spotify user and the major reason for this problem is to outdated Spotify app.

So, in this article, we’ve discussed all the potential and possible reasons and their solutions regarding Spotify Error Code 22, I hope you successfully identify the issue and also fix it after reading our detailed guide.

However, if you still getting this issue then contact the Spotify Support team they can help you to solve the issue permanently. 

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