Top Hidden! Spotify Easter Eggs 2023 – That Blow Your Mind

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Have you ever heard of or experienced Spotify Easter Eggs 2023? I’m pretty sure that most of the Spotify users are unaware of the hidden Easter Eggs of Spotify.

If you’re a new or existing user of Spotify who does yet not know what are the Spotify Easter Eggs, then don’t worry I’ll discuss every part of these things step by step in this article.

So, easter eggs are like small hidden secrets or surprises however, they can be anything such as songs, playlists, and games. They are added by Spotify for users’ amusement and to enhance engagement and experience.

Typically, there are only Five Spotify Easter Eggs are launched in previous years, so let’s take a look at Easter Eggs and their features.

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What are the Easter Eggs of Spotify?

Easter Eggs are some of the hidden features, surprises, games, or other elements embedded by the developers within the Spotify app or other streaming platforms. Spotify intentionally hides Easter eggs for their users as they can find out these things as a surprise element.

The curiosity of discovering Spotify Easter Eggs keeps the users engaged and interested in finding hidden surprise elements for themselves. As we stated earlier, Easter eggs can be anything including hidden codes, highlighted lightsabers, games, and other things.

However, finding these amazing hidden secrets within the Spotify platform is a fun and exciting method to create engagement and connect users with the platform.

List of 5 Spotify Easter Eggs 2023

However, finding these amazing hidden secrets within the Spotify platform is a fun and exciting method to create engagement and connect users with the platform.

So, let’s take a look at the 5 Easter Eggs of the Spotify platform.

1. Star Wars Easter Eggs

I hope there is no need to introduce Star Wars, all of you know that Star Wars is one of the most popular and widely known iconic science fiction franchises. And worldwide it has huge fan followers of this iconic drama franchise. 

So, Spotify has introduced a hidden secret trick for Star Wars fans in the form of a soundtrack progress bar with 3 different lightsaber designs.

Spotify Star Wars Easter Egg

To access Star Wars Easter Egg open your Spotify on the desktop and search for “Star Wars” or enter this code “THX1138” Once you play any songs from the Star Wars playlist you can see a lightsaber design on the soundtrack progress bar.

The interesting thing is you can access those lightsaber designs at any time whereby playing the Star Wars playlist’s any song. So, try it today on your Spotify Desktop app. 

Spotify Star Wars Easter Egg

2. Stranger Things Easter Egg

Stranger Things Easter Egg is one of my favourites in this list of 5 Spotify Easter Eggs. The most popular Netflix TV Show Stranger Things has a separate playlist on the Spotify music platform.

Typically, when Netflix released Stranger Things’ second season it created considerable buzz and sensation all over the world, and in the meantime, Spotify took the advantage to attract users to their platform.

Cool Stranger Things Spotify Easter Egg

Basically, Spotify introduces a flashlight scene that goes upside down in the soundtrack progress bar when you listen to any songs in the Stranger Things playlist.

This light is amazing and satisfying to see while playing music on your desktop Spotify app.

3. Nyan Cat Easter Egg

Nyan Cat is another popular Spotify Easter egg that gained massive popularity during the time period of 2011 – 2012 but unfortunately, Spotify removed this easter egg in 2016.

To activate the Nyan Cat theme on the progress bar you’ll need to find the “Nyan Cat” playlist and listen to any of those songs from the playlist.

Whenever you play the Nyan Cat songs you can see a pink cat replace the soundtrack progress bar and an amazing rainbow shown while the music progresses.

4. Pride Easter Egg

Spotify launched a beautiful and amazing Easter egg in 2018 named Pride, where the volume slide bar would turn into a rainbow colour gradient when you max the volume.

Spotify pride Easter Egg

However, there is also short slogan or phrases that appear above the volume bar like “Loud and Proud” and “Live at Full Volume”.

Unfortunately, there was no rainbow slider Easter egg available on the Spotify platform.

Spotify pride Easter Egg

5. The Winter Easter Egg

During Christmas of 2019, Spotify introduced the Winter Easter egg on their platform as a surprise Christmas gift for the users. This Easter egg was only seen for a short period of time during 2019 December month.

Most people are curious to discover unique Easter Eggs on the Spotify platform but very few users can attest to this memorable scene.

Spotify winter Christmas Easter Egg

So, the winter Easter egg is that when you play any Christmas songs the sound progress bar turns into a candy cane, and snow falls down on the screen.

But after 2019 this Easter egg is no longer available on the Spotify music streaming platform.

Purpose of Spotify Easter Eggs 2023

As we discussed earlier, Spotify only released 5 Easter Eggs on their platform to keep users engaged with the platform and also the discover those things that are fun and amazing. Spotify limited these Easter eggs for a specific period of time except the “Star Wars Easter Egg” and hopefully Spotify will re-launch them or maybe release new ones. 

Keep your eyes open while using the Spotify app to discover newly hidden secrets. So, let’s take a look some purposes of Easter Eggs in Spotify:

  • Fun & Excitement while Discovering

Basically, Spotify implements these Easter eggs on their platform which makes users fun and delighted while discovering with the hope of finding some unique and new Easter eggs.

  • Enhanced User’s Experience and Engagement

One of the main reasons for adding Easter eggs to the Spotify platform is to enhance user experience and create more engagement. To find Easter eggs users need to enter some command or play games to be unlocked.

  • Celebrating Special Occasions

Spotify often launches these Easter eggs to celebrate some special events such as Christmas. This can be a fun way for the users while searching for the Easter eggs as they need to engage with this app to discover the hidden gems in that platform.

  • Gaining Popularity

Spotify Easter Eggs can be a very good option to generate social buzz and gain popularity among the worldwide audience, so they are generating more leads with their audience.

What is Spotify Easter Eggs Stranger Things?

As you know Stranger Things is a popular Netflix TV show that has gained a huge amount of popularity worldwide.

So, Spotify has decided to take advantage of that buzz by implementing the Stranger Things Easter Egg for the Stranger Things fans to attract and create more engagement.

Spotify Stranger things Easter Egg
Image Source: - Spotifmania

Stranger Things Easter Egg featured a flashlight soundtrack progress bar when you play any song from the list of Stranger Things playlists on Spotify.

How do I turn my Spotify Bar into a lightsaber?

If you want to turn your Spotify Soundtrack bar into a lightsaber then follow the below steps:

  • Open the Spotify App on your Desktop or PC.
  • Search for the “Star Wars” or enter the code “THX1138” in the search bar.
  • Then select any song from the playlist after clicking on the Play button.
  • Once you tap on the Play you’ll see a one-colour lightsaber design on your Spotify soundtrack progress bar.

There are only three colours of lightsaber design available on the Star Wars Easter Egg and you can change them by playing one of the songs of the playlist.

Note: – When you hover your mouse on the Spotify sound bar while playing Star Wars songs then it will be blinking.

How do I make Spotify Rainbow?

If you want to make your Spotify volume bar into a rainbow colour design then you’ll need to open Pride Easter Egg, but unfortunately, currently, Spotify has removed the feature from their platform.

This feature changed the classic green colour volume bar into rainbow colours and above the volume bar you’ll see slogans like “Loud and Proud” and “Never Turn It Down”.

Reasons and How to fix Spotify Easter Eggs Not Working issue?

If you’re encountering the issue of Spotify Easter Eggs not working, there could be various reasons behind it. One common reason users face this problem is attempting to find Easter eggs that are currently unavailable on Spotify.

Whatsoever, here are some other potential causes you may consider:

  • Make sure to upgrade your Spotify App to the latest version.
  • Ensure that the device is compatible with your Spotify App.
  • Check the internet connection.
  • Ensure you don’t have any restrictions on your Spotify account.


  • Restart the Spotify App and again sign-in.
  • Clear Spotify’s Cache and data.
  • Reinstall the app.
  • Report the issue.
  • Contact the Spotify Support Team.

Note: As I mentioned earlier, all of the Spotify Easter Eggs I’ve discussed in this article so far are not available on the Spotify platform and it is not guaranteed to work indefinitely. Spotify often adds new Easter Eggs to its platform to engage.

Final Thought

I hope all of your doubts regarding Spotify Easter Eggs should be clear as we have discussed everything you’ll need to know about the Easter Eggs of Spotify.

However, among those 5 Spotify Easter Eggs 2023 Star Wars is the only one that is available currently on the Spotify platform, and others are removed. So if you’re a new or existing user who is not aware of these Easter Eggs you can try Star Wars on your Desktop Spotify app.

F.A.Q’s || People Also Ask Questions

Q: - How to get lightsaber Spotify Mobile?

Unfortunately, the Star Wars lightsaber design is not available for mobile device users, it is only available for desktop or web players.

Q: - How to get Spotify Easter eggs codes?

There was only one Spotify Easter Egg code is available on the Spotify Platform which Star Wars.

Q: - What is Spotify Star Wars Easter egg code ?

Spotify Star Wars Easter egg code is “THX1138“.

Q: - What is the lightsaber Easter egg on Spotify?

Star Wars is the lightsaber Easter egg on the Spotify app.

Q: - What is the secret code on Spotify?

There was no secret codes available on Spotify.

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