How To Upload Podcast To Spotify 2023 – An Easy Guide (Soundcloud, Podbean, Anchor)

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If you’re a passionate person who wants to know “How to Upload Podcast to Spotify” for free then you open the right article.

As you know, Spotify is one of the largest online music streaming platforms, allowing artists or users to share or upload their songs and podcasts via multiple methods.

Spotify has a vast user base with an intuitive interface, which makes it an ideal combination for those addicted to music and also those who are shared their voice on the internet.

There are many things to know when you want to upload your podcast on Spotify, whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate.

So, let’s explore all the basic to advanced information about how to host or share your podcast on this popular platform, no matter whether you’re an experienced or newbie, this guide is for everyone.

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How to Make A Podcast Account on Spotify

To upload a podcast To Spotify you’ll need to first sign on to Spotify for Podcasters, it is a basic requirement to join their podcaster’s platform. Having a Spotify Account will not consider this process as you also need to sign up for their podcaster’s platform.

So, here’s what you need to do to make an account on Spotify for Podcasters:

How to Make A Podcast Account on Spotify
  • Click on the Sign-Up Button located in the top right corner.
How to Make A Podcast Account on Spotify
  • There is a screen appearing in front of you, where you need to choose any one from the Given Two options.
How to Make A Podcast Account on Spotify
  • Next fill up your personal credentials such as Full Name, Email, Password and DOB. And Click on the Sign-Up Button 
How to Make A Podcast Account on Spotify
  • After that, choose an option that you want to do on this platform.
  • Congratulation, you opened a Podcasts account successfully.

How to Upload Podcast To Spotify For Free

Okay, after signing up for Spotify Podcasters let’s now move to the main topic of How to upload podcasts to Spotify for free. Uploading a podcast can be a little bit tricky if you have not done so far, all you need to do to have patience to learn things carefully.

Here are the easiest steps below for uploading podcasts to Spotify for free:

  • Go to Spotify Podcasters Platform and Sign in with your account.
How to Upload Podcast To Spotify For Free
  • Click on the New Episode Option top right corner of the screen. 
How to Upload Podcast To Spotify For Free
  • After that, choose “Create an Episode” or “Quick Upload” option as you wish.
How to Upload Podcast To Spotify For Free
  • After uploading, click on the Save Changes option.
How to Upload Podcast To Spotify For Free
  • Then enter your Episode Title, Description and Publish Date.
How to Upload Podcast To Spotify For Free
  • Click on the Publish Now Button to public your First Spotify Podcast.
How to Upload Podcast To Spotify For Free
  • Return to Home Page and Click on the Finish Episode.
How to Upload Podcast To Spotify For Free
  • After Setting up your podcast details, you’ll be good to go with your publish Podcast.

By following above methods you can successfully create or add your pre recorded Podcast and publish to the Spotify platform for free.

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How to Upload A Podcast to Spotify on iPhone

There has multiple ways to upload a podcast to Spotify on iPhone and it is also a simple and straightforward process and can be done within a few clicks.

If you want to upload a podcast on Spotify on your iPhone, then you’ll need to sign-up on Spotfiy for Podcasters.

So, here are the below steps to follow:

  • Open the Spotify App on your iPhone.
  • Head to the Your Library and click on Podcasts then tap on the “+” symbol in the top right corner.
  • Select “Add Episode” option and choose the podcast you want o upload.
  • Once you uploading enter the episode Title and Description.
  • After click on the Publish Now Button.

How to Upload Podcast To Spotify From Anchor

If you want to upload a podcast to Spotify from Anchor then you must sign-up for Anchor and then follow the below steps to process next.

How To Upload Podcast To Spotify From anchor

Step 1: – At first, create an Anchor account if you don’t have an account already, sign-up and then log in.

Step 2: – Then click on Create button to set up your podcast setting and provide the information including Podcast Name, Description, and Cover art and then select Category.

Step 3: – Next either you can record your podcast live or upload your pre-recorded podcasts from your computer by clicking on the Episode Button and then choose New Episode.

Step 4: – Once you successfully upload your podcast then you need to enter podcast details such as title, description, and episode number.

Step 5: – Verify your podcast ownership to connect or publish your podcast on Spotify or any other platforms.

Step 6: – Once you verify your podcast ownership in Anchor, now you’ll need to connect your Anchor account to Spotify. To add the account goes to Anchor’s website and log in, then click on Setting Icon >> Distribution >> Add a New Distribution Method then select Spotify.

Step 7: – After that, you’ll need to wait up to two weeks to get Approval from Spotify.

However, this process hardly takes one or two days and sometimes it takes weeks to review your podcast and then get approval. Be patient and create more engaging podcasts.

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How to Upload Podcast To Spotify From Podbean

Just like Anchor Podbean is also a podcast publisher platform, where anyone can upload their podcast to the Podbean platform or they can connect to any other platform to distribute their podcasts on that specific platform such as Spotify.

So, here’s what you need to do to upload a podcast to Spotify from Podbean:

Image Source - Riverside.Fm

Step 1: – If you don’t have a Podbean account just create one and log in, once you have successfully signed up on Podbean then set up your podcast setting on that platform.

Step 2: – Then upload your podcasts on Podbean to be eligible for users to listen.

Step 3: – Verify your ownership to upload your podcasts on the Spotify platform, to do so, go to Settings and then select Verification.

Step 4: – Once you verify your Podbean account, and then go to the Distribution tab under “Spotify Section” and click on Submit to Spotify option. The page will redirect to the Spotify Podcast Submission Page.

Step 5: – Log in with your Spotify account and then review the podcast’s metadata such as Title, description, and categories.

Step 6: – After viewing podcasts metadata, click on the Submit to Spotify button.

Step 7: – Once you submit, then Spotify reviews the podcast and then sends you a notification when the podcast is approved and published.

How to Upload Podcast to Spotify from Soundcloud

Uploading a podcast to Spotify from Soundcloud is a very straightforward and easy process. Follow the below steps to successfully submit your Podcast to Spotify from Soundcloud.

How to upload podcast to spotify from soundcloud
  • Create a Soundcloud Account and log in, if you have not signed up.
  • Once you sign in then find your RSS Feed for your tracks as Soundcloud provides a specific RSS Feed for every individual soundtrack.
  • After that go to Spotify for Podcasters and login into your account then click on the Submit a Podcast Option.
  • Then paste your Soundcloud RSS Feed URL into the “Enter Your RSS Feed URL” field on Spotify.
  • Next, enter your podcast Title, Description and Categories.
  • Finally, click on the Submit Button and wait for Approval from Spotify.

By following the above method you’ll be able to integrate your Soundcloud podcast via RSS Feed URL into the Spotify platform easily. Remember, the process between Spotify and Soundcloud integration may change over time, so make sure to explore things on your own.

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How to Upload Podcast from Garageband to Spotify

I wish you know that Garageband is a popular fully customizable music creation studio for Mac users, it is mostly used for professionals to create and edit their music with multiple unique features.

Our main target is to upload a podcast to Spotify from Garageband, so, here are the steps below:

How to upload podcast from Garageband to spotify
  • Firstly, once you complete your podcast editing in Garageband, click on the “Share Button” and choose Export Song to Disk.
  • Choose the Format as MP3 and select the Bit Rate as 128kbps.
  • Next, tap on Save to Export the Podcast as a MP3 File and select your location in your PC.
  • Now, go to your Spotify for Podcasters Account and Click on the Submit a Podcast Option.
  • Upload your saved MP3 file that you exported from Garageband.
  • After that, enter your podcasts details such as Title, description, Category and publish Date.
  • Once you complete all the above steps then Click on the Publish Now button to publish your Podcast on Spotify.

How to Upload Video Podcast To Spotify

To upload video podcast to Spotify, follow the below instructions:

  • Open and Signing into your Spotify for Podcasters Account.
  • Head to the “New Episode” Option in the top right corner.
  • Remember Spotify will only support Mp4 or MOV video formats.
  • Click on the Select A File option and choose a video podcast from your Desktop or PC.
  • Either you can record your podcast live on Spotify.
  • After that, enter Podcast Title. Description, Publish Data and other options and click on the Next.
  • Finally, Click on the “Publish Button” in the bottom right corner.

How to Add Podcast To Spotify By URL

Adding a podcast to Spotify by url is another great and easy way to publish your podcast on the Spotify platform. So, here’s how to do it step-by-step:

  • Firstly, get the RSS Feed Url of your podcasts.
  • Go to the Spotify for Podcasters website and login to your account to continue.
  • Next, click on the Submit Podcast button.
  • Paste your podcasts RSS Feed Url from the Podcasters Dashboard.
  • Then, click on the Submit or Publish Now button to public your podcast on Spotify platform.
  • Now, wait for Spotify approval.

How to Add Podcast RSS To Spotify

If you want to upload your podcast on Spotify platform then it is one of the easiest ways to do that. Adding podcast RSS to Spotify is a simple process that can be done so easily within a few clicks.

So, follow the below steps to add Podcast RSS to Spotify:

  • Open Spotify for Podcasters and login. If you don’t have an account then must create one.
How to Add Podcast RSS To Spotify
  • Once you login then go the Add a Podcast option to upload your Podcast RSS to Spotify.
How to Add Podcast RSS To Spotify
  • Now enter your Podcast RSS into the Link to RSS Feed Field, and then click on the Next Option.
  • Wait for Spotify Approval on your podcast.
  • After that, you’ll need to verify your podcast by entering a code that Spotify sent through an email.

How to Add Podcast To Queue Spotify

To add a podcast to Queue Spotify you’ll need to follow the below steps.

  • Open the Spotify App or Open the Website.
  • Go to Podcast option and select your favourite one.
  • Click on the “+” Button to add the podcast to Queue on SPotify.

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How to Add Podcast To Spotify Playlist

  • Open and Login into your Spotify Account.
  • Go to “Your Library” option on the bottom right.
  • Now select the podcast you want to add to your Spotify playlist.
  • Next, click on the three dots (…).
  • After that, tap on the “Add to Playlist” button.
  • Done! Your selected podcast will now available on your Spotify Playlist.

Final Thought

I hope all of you understand the process and methods discussed in the above paragraphs to solve the problem of How to Upload Podcasts to Spotify.

In fact, we add multiple ways and methods in this comprehensive guide for uploading or adding podcasts on Spotify using different podcast platform integrations along with several other Spotify methods.

However, if you faced any issues or any problems then feel free to ask in the comment section, I’ll definitely answer all of your questions as soon as possible.

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