How to Fix Spotify Lyrics not Showing – (Updated Guide)

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Spotify Lyrics Not Showing Problem Solution: Spotify is a worldwide used and one of the most popular online music streaming so far and it offers multiple unique and interesting features including Lyrics while playing the music.

However, most users commonly faced one issue when they listen to music on Spotify on their Smartphones, PC, and desktops is lyrics are not showing up on their screen and it could be an irritating moment.

Basically, if you have not seen the music lyrics on Spotify, there could be some possible reasons for that such as the Updated Spotify App, Poor Internet connection, Lyrics availability, and more. 

So if you’re also a music lover and facing the issue of “Spotify Lyrics Not Showing” then this complete guide surely help you to fix your problems within a few minutes.

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How to Fix Spotify Lyrics Not Showing Up 2023

One of the most irritating things about Spotify is music lyrics not showing while listening to our favourite songs. And if you’re also faced this problem then you’re not alone, who got frustrated with Spotify Lyrics Not Showing problem.

Almost, every user has been running into this situation, where they can’t see Spotify Lyrics while playing any music on Spotify.

So, don’t worry, here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide where you can fix this problem easily on your Android, iPhone, or Desktop, PC.

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Spotify Lyrics Not Showing Android 2023

As you know, Spotify supported both platforms Android and IOS and many people figure out the same problem on their Android Smartphones while listening to music on Spotify.

However, Spotify Lyrics Not Showing on Android devices is a common problem and it has some easy and straightforward ways to fix it. But there could be multiple reasons you’re experiencing this problem on your Android device.

So, here are some common reasons that could be creating issues in your case:

Spotify lyrics not showing android 2023
  • Check if you install an older version of the Spotify App, as it not supported the latest features rolled out by Spotify including Lyrics.
  • Make sure you have a proper stable internet connection, sometimes it also creates these types of issues.
  • Ensure that the song you’ve played really has its own lyrics available on Spotify.
  • Check if the Lyrics option is disabled on Spotify App.
  • You must also ensure that your Android version supported the latest Spotify App.

Now let’s talk about how you can fix these issues step-by-step within a few minutes.

1. How to Fix Spotify Lyrics Not Showing Android 2023

As I mentioned earlier, there could be a bunch of reasons you may face lyrics not showing problems on your Android Smartphone. Here is what you need to do to solve the Spotify lyrics Not Showing issue on Android.

Step 1:  – First, make sure that you have the latest version of the Spotify App. You can easily find Spotify’s new updates on the Google Play Store.

Step 2: – Then you need to also check if your Android Device supported the latest version of the Spotify App, as it may occur problems for running Spotify App smoothly on your device.

Step 3: – Once you’ve checked these two options, next ensure that you have a proper fast internet connection. 

Step 4: – Also clearing the Spotify data and cache can be solved the problem. To do that, go to Settings >> Apps then choose Spotify App and click on the Storage option. Next, click on “Clear Cache” & “Clear Data”.

Step 5: – One of the possible reasons for Spotify Lyrics Not Showing is can be there are no lyrics available on Spotify regarding your listening music.

Step 6: – There is an option called “Behind the Lyrics” enabled on Spotify settings, Disable it, and again allow it to see if the issue persists or is solved.

Step 7: – You can Restart your device and then open the Spotify App and check if Spotify Lyrics showed or not.

Step 8: – If all the above methods have not worked in your case to solve this issue then you must reinstall the Spotify app.  

Spotify Lyrics Not Showing iPhone

If you’re experiencing Spotify Lyrics Not Showing issue on your iPhone, then don’t worry it is also a common problem just like Android device users who also faced the same issue on their devices.

However, there are also several reasons, you may encounter Spotify Lyrics Not Showing issue on your iPhone, so, let’s explore the common reasons and their solutions.

Spotify Lyrics Not Showing iPhone

Outdated Spotify App

Check if you use an outdated Spotify App version, it may lead you to face multiple problems including Lyrics not showing. Go to the Apple App Store to find the latest version of the Spotify App and Update it.

Poor internet Connection

If you’ve not a proper and stable internet connection it may not load the Spotify song’s lyrics properly. So, ensure that you have a fast and stable internet connection and load lyrics on Spotify App.

Lyrics Availability

However, one of the common reasons for not showing Spotify lyrics is that maybe for a particular song or album, there are no lyrics available on the Spotify platform.

Enable Behind the Lyrics Option

If you’ve already enabled the Behind the Lyrics option on your Spotify settings then disable it and again enable it to check if you see any changes.

Clear Spotify Data & Cache

Sometimes it may happen that your application’s cache file somehow got corrupted and it would be the reason like “Spotify Lyrics Not Showing”, so try to clear the cache and data of the Spotify App and again login into the existing account and see if the issue fixed. 

Reinstall Spotify App

If all the above methods are not worked in your case then it is recommended to reinstall the Spotify application and check if the problem persists or is fixed.

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Spotify Lyrics Not Showing PC

While listening to music on Spotify if there are no lyrics showing up then it could be an irritating thing most of the PC users have faced.

So, if you’re also a music lover, who wants to solve the issue of Spotify Lyrics not Showing on PC, then the below steps can help you out.

  • Make sure you have already login into your account on Spotify on PC.
  • Remember, not all of the Spotify Songs and albums do not have lyrics available on the Spotify platform. So must check the song you’re listening to on Spotify has its own lyrics available.
  • If you’ve opened Spotify from a web browser on your PC then you could try to log out and again log in to check if the issue is fixed.
  • If the lyrics are available but still you can’t see them while playing the song then you’ll need to update your Spotify App to the latest version.

However, if you’re still facing the issue of “Spotify Not Showing Lyrics” by following all the above methods, then there could be some other types of causes that occurred when you try to enable lyrics on Spotify.

In this case, you’ll need to check your internet connection or any other issues that could be the reason for not showing up the lyrics. 

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Spotify Lyrics Not Showing Desktop

Just like other platforms if you’re also facing Spotify Lyrics Not Showing issue on your desktop while listening to your favourite songs, then there could be some major and common problems.

So, let’s find out and troubleshoot the issues that cause Spotify could not to appearing lyrics on the Desktop.

Step 1: – The first priority is to check if you have the latest version of the Spotify app installed on your computer. You can do it easily by going to the Help section and then selecting Check for Updates” If there is a new version available then install it. 

Step 2: – While playing the music on Spotify make sure you’ve enabled the Lyrics open. To enable it just click on the “Lyrics” option in the bottom right corner.

Spotify Lyrics Not Showing Desktop
Image Source - Spotify

Step 3: – The next thing you can do if the issue does not fix by following the above methods is to log out and again log in to your account on your Desktop. It could solve the issue.

Step 4: – The easiest way to fix Spotify Lyrics Not Showing issue is to reinstall the Spotify application on your Desktop.

Step 5: – If none of the above steps are worked then you must contact the Spotify officials and tell them about issue details.

Lyrics Not Showing on Spotify Distrokid

There could be also several reasons you can’t see lyrics on Spotify Distrokid and the best thing is you can fix all within a few clicks by checking some points discussed below.

  • Make sure you have properly submitted your lyrics through Distrokid on Spotify.
  • Maybe it takes some time for the lyrics you’ve submitted to be processed.
  • If you have still facing the issue then the possibility is to have problems with your Distrokid account.

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How to Enable Lyrics on Spotify?

If you’re facing the problem of enabling a song’s lyrics on Spotify then here is what you need to do:

For Mobile Devices

  • Open the Spotify App.
  • Select a song of which you want to enable lyrics.
  • Now tap on the playing Bar in the below of the screen.
  • Then scroll up and you’ll see lyrics of the song.
  • You can expand the lyric in full screen by clicking on the Expand Button.

For Desktop or PC

  • Open the Spotify App or Web Player in your Desktop or PC.
  • Choose a song of which you want see the lyrics.
  • Now you’ll see a “Mic” Icon in the right bottom corner click on it to enable the lyrics.
How to enable lyrics on Desktop

Please pay attention, the lyrics feature is not available for all the Spotify songs so before trying to enable lyrics for specific songs first make sure whether the song has lyrics or not.


Music without lyrics can’t be a good experience in terms of chilling and entertainment, so I hope the issue of “Spotify Lyrics Not Showing” is fixed by following this comprehensive and detailed guide.

However, I am trying to explain all the common problems and their solutions that can really cause you to stop showing the music lyrics on Spotify and hopefully, you’re also able to solve your issue by following the above methods.

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