How to Fix Spotify Group Session Not Working 2023 – 5 Easy Methods

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If are you frustrated with the Spotify Group Session Not Working Issue and want to find a reliable solution to fix it permanently then you are in the right place.

Spotify is one of the best and most widely used popular digital music streaming platforms that introduced multiple innovative features to enhance users engagement and usability.

Group Session is one of the features that allow users’ friends and family members to enjoy the real-time synchronized music listening experiences from different devices.

However, just like other features of Spotify Group Session also comes with some drawbacks and sometimes not work properly.

So, in this comprehensive guide, we explore the possible causes and the common issues of Spotify Group Session Not Working and also provide potential troubleshooting tips to enjoy uninterrupted music streaming services.

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What is Spotify Group Session?

Spotify Group Session is a popular and interactive feature launched by Spotify just like Spotify Wrapped that allows users to share real-time music synchronization with one who is in a different location.

It means with the Spotify Group Session feature now you can share your live listening music or location with your friends or family who are in different locations and using different devices. It is an amazing way to listen to music within a group while all of you are not in the same place. 

This feature is specially made for shared music listening experiences with friends and family members and they enjoy the same music or podcast together even though when they are apart from you.

How Does Spotify Group Session Worked?

As you know that Spotify Group Session allows users to listen to and share the same music or podcast in real time with other users who are in different places and using different devices.

Spotify Group Session worked by initiating a group session with friends or family members by generating a QR code and then the creator of that group shared the code with anyone the host wants to invite. Once the code is scanned through the Spotify app then the invite person’s Spotify playback will be the same as the host’s playback.

After joining the group all the devices in that group can play the same music track or any other content such as podcast episodes simultaneously.

Why is Spotify Group Session Not Working?

If you’re facing the issue of Spotify Group Session Not Working then there are multiple potential causes and we’ve listed some common troubleshooting issues that may help you to fix the problem.

So, let’s take a closer look at all the possible troubleshooting methods.

Why is Spotify Group Session not working

1. Group Session is Not Starting

It is one of the common issues that almost every Spotify user faced when they try to create a group session. This could be due to some server glitches or connectivity problems on the Spotify app.

To solve the issue make sure you have connected with a proper and fast internet and also you can do to update the app with the latest version.

2. Ensure That Everybody has Spotify Premium in the Group

Spotify Group Session required a premium subscription in order to use this feature.

If there is anyone in the group who has not a premium Spotify member then he/she is not allowed to take participate in that group. Make sure everybody has a premium subscription in the group to work it properly.

3. Check Device Compatibility

As you know the Spotify Group session is worked as a remote server and you can join the group if you’re invited by the group session creator no matter what is your device.

But at the same you also need to check all the devices that are connected to the group session are compatible with the latest Spotify application.

4. Clear Spotify Cache & Data

Sometime you’ll need to clear the Spotify app’s cache and data to function its features properly.

To clear cache & data on an Android device, click on the settings icon and then go to the application now find the Spotify app and tap on the storage option. Next, tap on the clear Cache and Data option.

5. Make Sure You Have the Updated Version of Spotify App

If you’re facing the issue of Spotify Group Session Not Working on your device then make sure you have updated the Spotify app to its latest version. Group Session or any other feature might not function properly with the old version.

6. Uninstall and Re-install Again

Sometimes it could be a better choice to uninstall and re-install the Spotify app to troubleshoot the issues you’re facing. With a fresh start, any application can solve the issues you could not fix easily before.

7. Contact Spotify Support

If you’ve already tried all the above troubleshooting methods and still having the issue then you can try to reach out to the Spotify Support Team. They can help or advise you on how you can solve the issues or the specific reasons why this happened to you.

People Also Ask Questions

Yes, you must have a Spotify Premium Account to use the Group session feature, as of now Spotify only released this feature for Premium users you can’t use it as a regular or free account. 

Several possibilities can affect the Spotify Group Session disconnection issue and the common reason is an unstable internet connection and some other reasons such as too many group users (maximum 8) and there is a glitch or bug.

If you’re experiencing Spotify Group Session not working then don’t worry it is a common problem and some probable easy troubleshooting methods include you’re using an outdated Spotify app version, might be someone in the group who is not a premium user or you have exceeded the maximum number of a supported group member.

If your Spotify Group Session keeps pausing then the major possible reason can be due to the account you use for Spotify group creation being used on two devices at the same time.

No, you can’t join any Spotify Group Session without a Spotify Premium Account. 


Spotify Group Session is an awesome and unique feature that allows users to share real-time music listening together with other who is not in the same place or using any other device.

However it has some potential issues that are occurred sometimes, but by the following above troubleshooting steps, you can successfully fix the issue within a minute.

I hope you can understand the common issues about why Spotify Group Not Working and now you can able to fix this problem and enjoyed the interrupted musical streaming service.

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