How To Fix Spotify DJ Not Showing Up (Updated Guide)

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Spotify launched a great and awesome feature called Spotify AI DJ which helps users to create a customizable personalized music feed using Artificial Intelligence. But after establishing this feature some of the Spotify users faced the issue of Spotify DJ Not Showing up in their devices. 

As you know, Spotify is a well-known and widely used online music streaming service offering millions of songs, podcasts, and other events in a single platform.

Since Spotify launched its AI DJ feature, most people can’t see the option, so to fix the issue, you’ll need to read this article and follow the steps below to troubleshoot this problem completely.

So, let’s take a closer look what are the potential causes and how to fix Spotify DJ Not Showing Up.

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What is Spotify AI DJ Mode?

Recently Spotify launched a new feature named Spotify AI DJ on 22 February 2023 only for premium users in the United States and Canada. After some time it is also available for the UK, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, and some other regions.

Basically, Spotify AI DJ is an Artificial Intelligence text-to-speech technology powered by Open AI, it allows users to discover new music, and create personalized playlists according to your mood and listening history just like Spotify Favorite Music Guru.

How does Spotify AI DJ Work?

Spotify DJ works by mixing Spotify’s own personalization technology with generative AI from OpenAI technology, which gives you tons of music recommendations according to like, dislike, and what type of music you listen to the most. 

However, Spotify’s personalization technology uses users listening data to create a personalized playlist based on what you have listened to the most and your like and dislikes. While Generative AI usually worked with a bunch of instructions and some pre-set data.

Spotify AI DJ is also capable to create a realistic-sounding DJ Voice which provides live commentary about the song’s lyrics that are currently playing. 

How to Fix Spotify DJ Not Showing Up

If you are worried about how to troubleshoot Spotify DJ Not Showing Up on your device and want a complete guide to solve this issue permanently then follow the below steps.

In fact, there are multiple possibilities for not showing Spotify AI DJ in your case so let’s find out all of the possible causes and their solutions.

1. Check Region Compatibility

As you know that Spotify released their AI DJ feature in countries such as the US, Canada, and Ireland so before using the feature make sure you’re from these countries.

Here is the full list of the countries where Spotify launched their AI DJ feature for premium users.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Barbados
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Singapore
  • South Africa

If you’re from a country where Spotify AI DJ feature is not available then you’ll need to wait for it until it is released in your country. But if you’re  facing the issue even if you’re a resident of a country where it has already launched then please follow the below steps.

2. Make Sure You Have Spotify Premium Account

As we stated earlier that Spotify released the AI DJ feature for users who have a premium subscription to a Spotify account. Spotify does not allow free users to access the DJ feature without a premium subscription.

So, before trying to access this feature make sure you have already subscribed Spotify Premium Membership. 

Spotify DJ Not Showing Up solutions

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure you have a proper and fast internet connection before accessing the Spotify AI DJ feature. It may also happen that you have a slow internet connection that buffers when you try to access Spotify’s AI DJ feature.

4. Update The Spotify App

One of the main reasons for Spotify DJ Not Showing up is that your Spotify app is not up-to-date with the latest version. Go to the Play Store or App Store to update the Spotify app to the latest version and enjoy the unlimited music experience with Spotify AI DJ.   

Spotify DJ Not Showing UP Problem issues

5. Disable Any Third-Party Apps

If you’re using any third-party apps such as DJ apps and VPNs that interact with Spotify directly then you’ll need to disable all the apps immediately to troubleshoot Spotify DJ Not Showing Up problem.

Mainly third-party apps like Mixonset prevent Spotify to work properly with the AI DJ feature. So make sure you’ve uninstalled or removed any third-party application that causing the issue.

6. Reinstall the Spotify App

If you’re continuously facing the issue after trying the above troubleshooting steps then I would recommend you reinstall the Spotify App it might help you to fix the problem.

7. Clear Cache and Data

One of the best solutions you can do if your Spotify Dj Not Showing Up is to clear the Spotify app’s cache and data and give a fresh start to the app.

Spotify DJ Not Showing UP Problem issues

To clear the cache and data you’ll need to go to Settings >> App List then search for Spotify, now click on ‘Storage Usage‘, and next tap on “Clear Data and Cache“.

8. Contact Spotify Premium Support Team

If your issue still persists after following all of the above points we’ve discussed, then it’s highly recommended that contact the Spotify Premium Support Team they can help or guide you on how you can troubleshoot the issue.

How to Get Spotify DJ if Not Showing Up?

As we discussed earlier, there are multiple possibilities for not showing up your Spotify DJ feature and one of the common reasons most people faced is region supported. 

Spotify AI DJ feature is only available for some countries like US, UK, Canada, and Ireland premium users and if you’re not from a country where Spotify has yet not launched the feature then you can’t use the AI DJ service.

How to Get Spotify DJ if Not Showing Up

Make sure you have subscribed to Spotify Premium as AI DJ is only for premium subscribers.

However, check if the AI DJ feature is enabled on your Spotify account, to enable the feature to navigate to the account settings and then click on the “Playback” section, and ensure that you toggle on the “AI DJ” option.

Although, there are other potential causes for not showing up the Spotify AI DJ feature that we are already mentioned in the above paragraphs.

Is Spotify DJ on Desktop/PC?

Unfortunately, Spotify AI DJ is not available on Desktop or PC currently either on the web app or any other dedicated desktop app. But you can enjoy the AI DJ experience on your Desktop via the cast option available on Spotify.

So, let’s take a look at How to Get Spotify DJ on PC or Desktop step by step.

  • Open the Spotify App on your mobile Device and click on the Music Option.
How to Get Spotify DJ on PC or Desktop
  • Next, tap on the play button highlighted below.
How to Get Spotify DJ on PC or Desktop
  • Once the DJ Mix starts playing then open the Spotify Web app or the desktop app.
  • After opening, click on the cast icon in the bottom left corner of your Spotify app.
How to Get Spotify DJ on PC or Desktop
  • Now, select your PC or Desktop device where you want to listen to the Spotify DJ Mix.  

F.A.Q’s || People Also Ask Questions

Q: - Why can't I find DJ on Spotify?

There are some potential reasons you might not find AI DJ on Spotify including your Spotify app being outdated, you’re not a premium user and the feature is not available in your region.

Q: - How do I enable DJ on Spotify?

Before enabling DJ on Spotify make sure you’ve Spotify Premium users as this feature is only available for premium users only. To enable AI DJ open the Spotify App tap on the ‘Setting’ icon in the top right corner then scroll down and click on the “Playback” option now tap on the AI DJ Toggle.

Q: - Is Spotify DJ Premium only?

Spotify released its fabulous AI DJ feature in some specific countries for only Spotify Premium Users as of now it is not available for free users.

Q: - Can everyone use Spotify DJ?

No, Spotify AI DJ is only available in some selected countries for Spotify Premium users only. 

Q: - What countries is Spotify DJ available in?

As per reports, Spotify AI DJ is available in 50 countries including some parts of Australia, Europe, Africa, and New Zealand along with the Philippines and Singapore. 

Final Thought

I hope all of your issues related to Spotify DJ Not Showing Up are solved as we have discussed a lot of potential causes and their solutions step by step.

While Spotify AI DJ is a fantastic and futuristic feature that is loved by millions of users since it launched but it has some boundaries to use including the AI Dj feature is only available for premium users only and for some countries.

If you’re still facing this issue or can’t troubleshoot after reading this article then you contact the Spotify Support team or you can also ask me in the comment section.

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