How Bad Is Your Spotify – Judge My Spotify 2023 – A Complete Easy Guide

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Nowadays we are all very much obsessed to listen to music and have also different music tastes but have you ever wondered How Bad Is Your Spotify music playlist selection? Don’t worry! You’ll find out your different music tastes and habits throughout this complete guide.

In fact, most people think that they have excellent musical taste and habits but they are not exactly sure if their musical taste is really good or bad.

So, in this guide, we are using an AI called Judge My Spotify tool to judge your Spotify streaming music selections.

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What is How Bad Is Your Spotify Music AI

Basically, Judge My Spotify aka How Bad Is Your Spotify is an AI bot created by the Pudding Cool Company. Judge My Spotify is also worked just like some other amazing tools including Spotify Color Palette and Favourite Music Guru.

How bad is your Spotify - Judge My Spotify

This amazing software is developed by Matt Daniels and trained by both Matt and Mike Lacher to help music lover’s judge how bad your streaming music tastes. 

How Does How Bad Is Your Spotify Work?

How Bad Is Your Spotify AKA Judge My Spotify is an AI-based web application that helps users to taste their online streaming music and showed a result according to its functionality.

Mainly this tool analysis your Spotify listening data over the past and creates a humorous rating of your musical tastes and habit.

Judge My Spotify” tool works by integrating your Spotify account listening activities including your Top Songs, Artists, Genres, and Tracks, and then it generates some custom data according to your listening habit.

So, let’s take a closer look at how to use the How Bad Is Your Spotify Music AI Tool and experience some cool staff.

How to use How Bad Is Your Spotify AI Tool?

As we stated earlier, this AI tool requires your Spotify listening details by logging in to your Spotify Account and then it analysing your listening data and make a report where you can see whether your musical tastes and habits are good or bad.

So, to access Judge My Spotify tool follow the below easy steps and find how good or bad your musical taste according this AI.  

How bad is your Spotify - Judge My Spotify

Step 1: – First go to Pudding Cool website from your mobile or desktop and then you see “Find Out” Button click it to begin the process.

How to use How bad is your Spotify - Judge My Spotify

Step 2: – Judge My Spotify is a third party tool and it uses Spotify API to integrated with your account, to access it you need to login with your Spotify account. Click on the Log in With Spotify button to process further.

How to use How bad is your Spotify - Judge My Spotify

Step 3: – Finally you see result page where you’ll find how bad or good is your Spotify musical streaming habits and tastes.

Why Judge My Spotify Not Working?

There are some possibilities behind your Judge My Sotify not working. First of all, as it is a third-party online web application based on an AI model the service may be encountering some technical error by their backend.

On the other hand, it would also be possible for you to face an issue because the tool is gone through some major and minor changes or updates that impact it’s not working. Another possibility is something happened to your side such as a slow internet connection or not properly integrating with your Spotify account.

Alternatively, it might be possible that they discontinued their service but as of my research, the tool is perfectly fine when I writing this article.

Note: – If you’re facing the problem of the Judge My Spotify AI tool not working in your case you can take some steps to solve the issue. Firstly, check if you have a proper and fast internet connection, secondly make sure you have used an updated version of the Browser. If the above steps are not worked then the issue is being occurs on the developer’s side. Just try again sometime later.

How to Remove How Bad Is Your Spotify From Spotify?

As you know, “How Bad is Your Spotify” aka “Judge My Spotify” is a third-party AI-based web application that integrates your Spotify account and then uses your listening data to generate a custom report of your musical habits and tastes.

Now, what if you want to remove all of the third-party access apps from your Spotify account then how would do it?

So, let’s see how could you do it with the below steps.  

  • Open the Spotify app on your PC or Desktop and head to the “Account” section.
How to Remove favorite music guru Spotify From Spotify
  • Then scroll down and Click on the Apps Button.
  • Once you entered in that section you’ll see a list of third-party app you’re connected with your Spotify Apps.
How to Remove How Bad Is Your Spotify From Spotify
  • Next, tap on the “Remove Access” Button beside the Bad- Music Section.
How to Remove How Bad Is Your Spotify From Spotify
  • Finally, you’ll see a message that shows “Successfully Revoked Access for Application”.
  • Done! You’ve Successfully removed the third-party app’s access from your Spotify account.

People Ask Questions

To check what is your music Taste and Habits on Spotify you can use the How Bad Is Your Spotify aka Judge My Spotify Music AI tool to analyze.  

How Bad Is Your Spotify is a third-party web application from Pudding Cool Company and it creates for entertainment purposes therefore we do not find any negative review or any statement about its security on the internet still. 

According to myself it is a safe tool that can used for generates funny reports about your musical tastes. 

Just like Spotify release its own feature called Spotify Wrapped, majority of the people think that Judge My Spotify is a good alternative for Wrapped. 

You can find out the answer by following these simple steps, first go to the “How Bad Is Your Spotify” website then click on the Find Out >> Log in with Spotify now you’ll see whether you’re Spotify musical habits good or bad. 

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