Discover the Ultimate DJ Apps that Work With Spotify

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In this digital era, music has become more accessible and easy to use than ever before and this credit goes to online music streaming platforms like Spotify. There are multiple DJ apps that work with Spotify, which help you mix or create a new type of tune on your favourite music or album.

These free DJ apps give you the power to change the songs of your choice according to your preferences and requirements. Thankfully, these DJ apps can easily integrate with your preferred music platforms including Spotify.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss the Top 5 Free DJ Apps That Work with Spotify and explore their features and how you can benefit from these applications.

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How Does DJ Apps For Spotify Works?

So, before going to discuss top free DJ apps let’s explore how these DJ apps for Spotify work. It’s important to remember that whenever you want to use any third-party application with the Spotify platform you’ll need to permit your Spotify account to that specific app.

Typically, DJ apps work by integrating with the Spotify platform via API and then it allows users to access and mix your favourable tracks from Spotify’s music library directly within the DJ app. 

This means you can now mix your tracks from the DJ’s existing Spotify playlists directly without having to import and export any files.

However, a big drawback that comes with the Spotify platform while mixing the albums on the DJ app is you’ll need to have a Spotify Premium Membership to use this feature, as Spotify only allows its premium users to use DJ apps.

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Top 5 Free DJ Apps That Work with Spotify

Now, let’s talk about the most popular and widely used Top 5 Free DJ apps that work with the Spotify platform.

  1. Mixonset
  2. Virtual DJ
  3. Serato DJ Pro
  4. Cross DJ
  5. Pacemaker DJ

1. Mixonset

Mixonset is one of the most popular and easy-to-use AI-powered DJ apps that exceptionally works with the Spotify platform. Several AI techniques help you to create a beautiful mixing on your favourite songs or albums.

It is a well-established DJ app that allows everyone to mix their Spotify playlist with smooth transitions along with various types of AI Features including Beat Matching, Tempo detection, Genre Detection, and Energy Detection.

Image By - Mixonset

The app is perfectly used for Tidal, SoundCloud Apple Music, and some other online music streaming platforms without any problem.

Some other Mixonset features you might like:

Effects: – Mixonset offers a vast collection of unique effects including reverb, delay, and flanger which helps you to create more effective mixing on your track or songs.

Transition Suggestions: – To create a smooth and seamless mixing the app provides automatic suggest transition points between songs to help users more effectively.

Highlight Mode: – Another great feature in the Mixonset app is Highlight mode which allows users to highlight a specific part of songs to create a unique type of engaging mixing without much effort.

2. Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is another renowned DJ app that smoothly works with the Spotify platform.

This DJ app’s interface looks so cool just like a professional DJ mixing software that helps you to mix your favourite collection of songs by applying unique and excellent effects.

Using the app you can instantly mix your song or tracks without leaving the software. Just like Mixonset, this app also offers users a wide range of different and awesome features including Beat Matching and Tempo detection.

Image By - Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ software provides an easy-to-use interface where everyone can easily choose their favourite tracks and also able to mix them according to their musical taste.

However, it is important to note that, Virtual DJ is no longer supported by its developers and this means that it may not be compatible with Spotify’s new versions.

Virtual DJ Features

Audio and Video Mixing Capability: Using the Virtual DJ app you can now mix both audio and video simultaneously and also can apply various effects to create smooth transitions between songs and videos.

Effect and Filters: This app comes with a wide range of effects and filters like echo and reverb which can be used in real-time to generate dynamical sound capes.

Automated Mixing: Virtual DJ has automated mixing features for users which allows you to put automated transitions between songs based on your pre-defined settings.

MIDI Controller Support: This app is fully compatible with various MIDI Controllers, which allows DJs to experience real-time physical DJ equipment.

3. Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro is the most popular and professional DJ software that can be seamlessly integrated with different music streaming platforms like SoundCloud, TIDAL, and especially Spotify.

There is no doubt that Serato DJ Pro is the most used and popular DJ app among the list of Top 5 Free DJ Apps That Works with Spotify.
Image By - Serato DJ

This app comes with the most advanced and unique features like no other platforms have and for that reason, it is used in professional DJ mixing. However, it gives instant access to the millions of catalogue services while mixing the songs.

To use this application you’ll need to have a Spotify premium subscription and then you can easily sign in with your Spotify login credentials to the Serato DJ Pro.

Serato Pro DJ Features:

  • Library Management
  • Dual Deck Control
  • Four Decks Mixing
  • Beat matching and Syncing
  • Pitch N Time DJ
  • Recoding Capability

4. Cross DJ

Cross DJ is innovative DJ software designed for both Android and IOS devices, offering an intuitive and beginner-friendly platform for users who want to create a unique DJ mixing on the songs by directly using the Spotify playlist.

It is very reliable and accessible for everyone even without any mixing skills you can perfectly use it as this platform offers a user-friendly interface and clean layout to understand mixing tools and controls easily.

Image By - Softonic

Just like other DJ software Cross DJ also comes with some outstanding features for creating a smooth and seamless transition on the songs as per the user’s music taste and notable among them are Waveforms, Cue points, and loops.

Cross DJ Features:

Cross DJ app offers a huge number of options for live mixing and editing such as using a pitch slider you can change the tempo of music in real-time while mixing on this app and it uses a key detection feature that helps you harmonize different songs by tuning them to the same track.

Typically, the Cross DJ app is also used at the professional level such as recording studio setups and live shows and performances.

5. Pacemaker DJ

In our list of Top 5 Free Best DJ apps that work with Spotify Pacemaker DJ is the last software we add on. It is another best DJ software that can help you mix your songs or albums professionally.

To use this app on your Smartphone you’ll need to sign in with your Spotify account details in the Pacemaker DJ app.

dj apps that work with spotify - pacemaker dj

Here are the some features you’d like:

  • Instant Mix Magic
  • Mix transition
  • Studio like Controls
  • Automix
  • EQ and Filters
  • Recording and Streaming

F.A.Q’s || People Also Ask Questions

Q. What are the best DJ apps for Spotify?

Here are the best DJ Apps that work with Spotify smoothly without any interruption.

  • Pacemaker DJ
  • Mixonset
  • JQBX
  • Djay Pro
  • Edjing Mix
  • Traktor Dj
  • Virtual DJ
  • Serato Dj Pro
  • Cross DJ
  • Algoriddim DJ

Q. Does Spotify work with DJ apps?

I hope you already get the answer in the above paragraphs, several third-party DJ apps collaborate with Spotify and allow them to mix your favorite tracks on its platform. 

Q. Is there a DJ app that works with Spotify?

Yes, there are multiple best DJ apps available on the internet that perfectly work with Spotify. Here are some of my favourite and recommended DJ apps.

  • Mixonset
  • Virtual DJ
  • Serato DJ Pro

Q. What DJ apps that work with Spotify for Android/iOS?

As mentioned most of the DJ Apps are supported by both operating systems Android and iOS simultaneously, but for now I’ve listed the top 5 best DJ apps that can easily work with Spotify for both devices. 

  1. Edjing Mix
  2. Cross DJ
  3. Djay Pro
  4. Pacemaker
  5. Mixonset

Q. Do I need a Spotify Premium Account to Use a DJ App that Work with Spotify?

Yes, for using DJ apps you must need a Spotify Premium account or subscription as this feature is only applicable to Premium users.


In this article, we’ve mentioned the Top 5 Most Popular Free DJ Apps That Work with the Spotify platform seamlessly but before going to mixing any song or track make sure you’ve subscribed to Spotify Premium membership.

However, DJ apps need the permission of your Spotify account via login into their platform with your Spotify login credentials and then you can easily make smooth mixes and transitions on your favourite albums.

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